Remind me never to walk around Central London for 4 hours again….

It was TOTALLY worth it! I haven’t seen my friends in so long and I’d never met their children. Likewise, they had never met my husband. We all got along so well, it was like I’d seen her just yesterday, we’re that close.

Their children are wonderfully adorable, even if her son confused my husband slightly by nattering away to him in Dutch. Such amazing people.

Buuuut walking around Central London for 4 hours does not go well when you have CP. Totally suffering for it now but I don’t care, those guys are amazing. Although my ankles looked like balloons which I’ve gotta say, is a really uncomfortable experience. Swelling has gone down considerably now thankfully but oh boy that was painful!

Hell of a busy day but it was amazing. Yay!


Healthy food kick.

Been on a huge healthy food kick lately, trying to lose a stone at the most so I’ve been watching what I eat but not being silly with it.

Being that I’ve suffered the dreaded eating disorders in the past, it can be quite a struggle doing this as you get worried about going too far with it. You can either worry so much that you’ll get into old habits, that you just stop healthy eating and weight loss goals all together. Or, go too far with it and slip into old habits. So far, I’m doing pretty well thankfully. I still snack when hungry, but on healthy things instead of junk.

Breakfast today was a nice healthy scrambled egg with red pepper, spinach and light Laughing Cow cheese wrapped in a tortilla. Along with a spinach & banana protein smoothie. Which I have to be honest, needed more other fruits, it tasted a little odd. Next time, berries will be added.

IMG_0944 IMG_0945





Healthy eating aside, I’m enjoying these writing challenges. It’s going to take a good few months of daily writing to get to actual lyric writing point but I like that. They want to take the time to teach properly, rather than just rushing through to make a quick buck for themselves. Really enjoying it, my creative juices are slowly flowing.

I bought an IK Multimedia Amplitube iRig Guitar Interface Adaptor [try remembering that when drunk!] so that I can plug in and record my instruments directly into garageband. Really looking forward to that.

Bring on the music!

I just got nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award!

I wish I could list everyone I follow! Thank you to the lovely Hayley Foglio for nominating me!

The rules of the One Lovely Blog Award are simple. A nominated blogger must (1) link back to the person who nominated them, (2) list these very rules and display their award, (3) share seven facts about yourself, and (4) choose some indeterminate number of blogs to nominate.

You guys should check out these fabulous people!


Paul Thomas Bell


Righty-ho then, what random facts can I tell you all?

1) I have Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus and very possibly epilepsy but we’re not sure yet. Apparently I decided having one medical condition was boring and chose to have a buttload at once for variety 😛

2) I also suffer from clinical depression, which is complete arse when mixed with the somewhat stressful physical sides of said illnesses above.

3) Don’t worry, not all doom and gloom! Currently relearning how to play bass as well as slowly but surely starting to sing again which is awesome.

4) Songwriting will soon commence, anyone wanna jam?

I didn’t screw up the pancakes!

IMG_0937 Normally when I make pancakes they burn, get stuck to the pan, produce way too much smoke and break apart. Today I took the slow approach and they’re perfect. Very little spray olive oil, number 3 to cook, slowly slowly. They turned out rather amazing.

Why I think people are interested in my food I’ll never know but damn it they looked good and I’m proud!


I need to do 2 writing challenges today cause I was knackered yesterday and just couldn’t focus on anything so hopefully my concentration will be better today and I can get it done. Quite enjoying doing them though, it’s nice to have a set thing to focus on.

Get to see a friend this week too. She’s come to England for some holiday time she’s coming to London for a couple of days with her family, so it should be nice to see her cause I haven’t seen her for about 7 years.

Should make for an interesting few days!

I do rather like car boot sales.

Went to a car boot sale today and managed to get a purple acoustic for 25 quid. It’s brand new and bright purple so I’m probably gonna feel mean for doing it but I figured for my bass and the other project, I needed a bit of paint practice on something cheap. It’s a classical guitar with nylon strings which I can’t stand so it’s not like I’m gonna play it anyway, but it will be practice number one for these projects.

Came home, got sandwiches and watched a Studio Ghibli movie cause they’re awesome. Not a whole lot to report on today to be honest, it’s been a nice, simple kinda day.

I do like simple sometimes.

My new baby is here!

I’m so giddy, she’s beautiful…. Yeeeah my basses are girls lol, except the first bass or bought, he’s a guy. They need renaming though cause I didn’t play for so long I forgot their names. I promise I’m not crazy, loads of people name their guitars [tries to look sane]. I have a white Swift bass whose name is Alicia but she’s basically the only one with a name.

Then I have a Tanglewood Warrior 3, an un-named hand made bass [that’s the guy] and now an Ibanez. So pretty.


BassApologies for the crap quality, my camera is naff.

I’ve not done my writing challenge for today yet but I’m gonna finish my coffee then try and tune this bass in before I do it. Or maybe I’ll do the challenges and then tune the bass in. Eh, we’ll see.

I’m in a pretty good mood today, sun is out but it started pouring down whilst I was outside with no coat which was amazing. It had been so boiling hot it was driving me crazy so the sudden pouring of freezing rain was unbelievably welcome.

Happy days!

Books, breakfasts and writing challenges.

I actually got up at 9.30am today so I’m not as stressed as I was yesterday. I guess I really just needed the rest yesterday cause I was bright as a button this morning. Got up, had a nice, hot cup of salted caramel green tea and just relaxed for a few hours before heading to the shop for food. Vanilla & honey french toast is amazing by the way [oh yeah, I even got creative with lunch!]

I caught up with all my writing challenges yesterday so I’m not behind finally. Getting the chance and peace to do them can be a little difficult when you can’t get out the house. Ready to do the 3rd day challenge.

The minute long challenges are ridiculously hard and I find myself with half a word at the end of the page [the aim is to write only until the timer stops, so even if you get halfway through a word or sentence, you can’t finish it.] Those ones really do test you but that’s his aim, he needs to throw a challenge at you. Gonna get day 3 done after this post, then look up budgeting for this project to see what it’s generally going to cost.

I bought Patrick McGrath’s Asylum on eBay because it’s meant to be a pretty good book and it really caught my eye. Spent about a fiver on it, to get it through the post today and discover it had actually been signed by Patrick McGrath…. Damn, that’s pretty cool. Really looking forward to reading that.

All in all I’m feeling pretty chipper today! Still feel a little sleepy but eh, chronic fatigue and all that, but I feel pretty alert and bright today which is awesome.

Onto some writing challenges!

Curse you sleep and hurrah for project planning.

I woke up at 12pm today. This beyond irritates me. I hate sleeping in cause I had plans with these writing challenges today, get up at around 10am and go do some writing challenges. Unfortunately my body did what it needed and forced me into extra sleep, My brain was active, ‘let’s do everything, let’s do this! Let’s go!’ But my body went, ‘ha! No. You’re going to sleep is what you’re going to do.’ So I slept in rather irritatingly.

Never mind, what ya gonna do? 

I’ve been trying to plan this project but I can’t think straight. This house is so noisy lol. Might have to go out again, which will be extremely tiring but I’ll go in the garden and be followed. I need peace and quiet but I need to budget plan. It’s gonna cost a couple of hundred to do so I’ve gotta do it in stages. I really wanted to do a marble effect but it looked really difficult to do so I figured, normal paint job then.

I googled how to do the marble effect hover and believe it or not, it’s pretty simple.  Spray the guitar black, leave it to dry then add the colour and immediately apply cling film. Scrunch the cling film up to make the marbling pattern, peel it off and leave it to dry. Really simple. Lets see what happens. Gotta get the bits and pieces.

Bass winning and friend cheer up project.

I managed to get the bass before it was sold. I am now the proud owner [can’t wait til it gets here!] of a 1995 Ibanez EXB 404. It’s been sanded down so my plan is to try and get it to a metallic purple and black sunburst effect.

I casually decided to ask my friend what her favourite kind of guitar is shape wise, a Les Paul. So I’ve hunted on ebay for a build your own guitar kit, LP style and when I have the cash will be buying it. Just under 100 pounds so it’s pretty well priced although I would imagine the pickups would be kinda crap so I’m going to get some decent pickups in the process of this project, and try to get some cool volume and control knobs for it. This is going to give me months worth of things to do and practice for painting my own, which I will play as it is until I’ve perfected painting.

Really really psyched for this project!

Writing + new bass guitars = new friend cheer up projects.

IMG_0903 I finally got the songwriting exercises book by Pat Pattinson. He teaches songwriting at Berklee Music College & taught John Mayer so he’s apparently pretty good. Looking forward to using this. 

My husband bought me a new iPod too bless his heart. As previously mentioned, mine completely died on me cause it was really old and had viruses and poo. So I’ve been filling that up with tunes too. I know I have my phone to deal with it but I really don’t like using my phone as an MP3 player. It was awesome to have that option but I’ve just never liked it. Thank you sweetie 🙂

I unfortunately didn’t win the bid on the bass I was planning on buying but I came across another one which I’m really hoping doesn’t get sold before I get the cash ready. It’s been sanded down so that I can paint it however and the previous owner had gotten it rewired with new pick-ups before selling. I’m really hoping it doesn’t go because it should be a fun little project.

It got me thinking though, I’d need to practice first because I’ve never painted a guitar before, so I need to practice on something cheap that I’m not bothered about. A dear friend of mine has been pretty down recently & she also plays guitar a little. So I had this crazy little idea that I was gonna buy a cheap guitar, strip it down completely and repaint it. I’d get someone who knows what they’re doing to add some new and decent pickups and strings for the guitar and then send it to her. 

It would be a fun little project and good practice for me, but then it might cheer her up too. It could of course also all go horribly wrong and she’ll hate it but hey, no harm in trying right?

So I’ve basically got my work cut out for me for a while on a mission to make her feel better. 

Fingers crossed….