I don’t usually like to post personal things here but….

I have one thing to say regarding recent events and if I don’t get it from my chest it will drive me crazy. Theoretically, I’m not revealing anything too personal, or what has made me need to write this down. All I will say is this.

You can take the strongest person in the universe and with enough weight on their shoulders, even their backs will break eventually.


On a Written Roll.

Short story so far is 4 pages long. Okay so not a lot but I’ve actually been on a roll with writing for once.
I went out and bought a book of writing prompts for more ideas too which should be fun to work through, but I’m really enjoying writing this story. I honestly only have a vague idea of where it will go because I’m just free writing, but it’s getting off the ground slowly but surely and I’m pretty happy about the fact that I’m writing frequently.

I also ended up buying Japanese for Dummies. It’s a language I’ve always wanted to learn and being that I’ve basically been listening to nothing but X Japan lately, it seemed a good enough reason to get learning [I can understand the songs they sing in Japanese then.] Whether I’ll actually manage to learn the language well is another story but we’ll see.

Getting a story finished and learning a new language… Bring on the new challenges!

Getting stumped may not always be a bad thing.

I became stumped on the first thing I began to write with a co-writer, who at the moment is also stumped. Maybe it’s because we’re both rusty, maybe it’s just not good. It will stay on the back burner for now but it doesn’t mean that I’m defeated.

A while ago I posted a writing exercise titled The Waitress which I never finished because it was on a timer. I decided to pick that up again and just write to see what happened with it and I’m now 3 pages into a short story idea. I’m not entirely sure where this is going or what I’m really doing but it feels good to actually be writing something. I won’t be keeping The Waitress as a title but for now, it will do. I just need to decide where to go with it. I’m hoping I can go back to the other story when my brain allows but for now my brain wanted me to work on the tale of the waitress, so that’s what I’m doing. Will it be good? Possibly not, I haven’t written for over a decade. Will I finish it? I’m really hoping so, it would be good to have even just one finished piece of work to my name. They say the best way to write is to keep writing so that’s what I’m going to do.

Who knows, maybe this story will actually get somewhere.

Time to write1

My last post and today’s musings

I just realised some of the blogs I put on that post do have 1000 followers or more but I don’t think many I follow have less. However if anyone knows any cool blogs that suit my interests and has less, let me know, I’ll start following and promote!

I’m started to get frustrated with my writing, or rather lack of. There are ideas there, I know there are but they just don’t want to come out and say anything.
In all honesty, I have a lot of issues. I’m not saying more, but when they come to the forefront, they do blunt creativity which just makes the frustration worse because the better half of my brain wants this to work. It’s a vicious cycle and an irritating one at that.

On other news, [this is a super sporadic post!] I caved and came back to twitter. Mostly in the hope of finding new writers and inspirations. Facebook always had mega issues and did my head in so that’s not coming back ever. But for anyone interested, https://twitter.com/MrsAD1987 add away.

I’m hoping I can rack my brains at some given point today and write more. And try finish the Canterbury Tales question that doesn’t make any sense so I can complete this assignment. One question, and it’s a total turd.