Hair dye disaster?

Well, maybe not. My hair could very well look fine right now but it’s not dry enough for me to tell [you know when it’s wet it just generally goes dark so you can’t see the real colour?]. Unfortunately because of the dye I used even though I brushed the water away from face and almost entirely avoided getting the actual product on my face, the coloured water itself has actually stained my face and body.
I can’t get it off it’s driving me insane. It’s not the worst, it will come off eventually but my face looks bizarre. Foundation will be needed before I leave the bloody house oh my god.
Hopefully the colour will be one I like!*scared*


2 thoughts on “Hair dye disaster?

  1. Guess what happened with my mom on using hair dye…She is allergic to ammonia and she applied the hair dye without knowing it the first time. Her eyes-no, her entire face got swollen and she couldn’t leave house for 3 days. Hair dye disasters, I say!


    1. Oh yikes!!!! That’s awful!

      Thankfully mine hasn’t turned out to be as bad a disaster as I originally thought, I’ve been lucky enough to only have an allergy to one brand of hair dye so far so I just avoid that and use ammonia free dyes anyway. Allergic reactions are one of the reasons I get annoyed when I see hairdressers not doing a patch test on a customer first, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve dyed your hair, it can still happen. I’d dyed my hair no problems for years before I found one I was allergic to, formulas change a lot.


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