I stopped writing, may start for fun.

As per usual I’m having semi creative block issues but I’m reading Ian Rankin’s Dead Souls at the minute and it’s just reignited my urge to write a crime novel. I have a vague idea that’s actually floated around my head for a few months regarding the antagonist but I’m just stuck on how to get it started in general. If I can get the general idea down as a set off I can possibly start free flow writing and see what comes out of my hands. I generally work better when I’ve got an idea in my head and just write and think about dealing with consequences later.

Hmmm, must try to get out of the funk.


4 thoughts on “I stopped writing, may start for fun.

  1. It’s good to hear you’ve been inspired. I find that whenever I get blocked, or don’t feel a story that I’m writing, I’ll write on a different medium—usually my phone, where I’ll do some dialogue or random passages, and it becomes a lot easier. It’s odd how the mind works sometimes.


    1. I usually write on paper but I’ve been jotting ideas for this via both paper and my laptop which is oddly making a bit of a difference. Just researching a few things now for an idea that struck for it. 😀

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