Getting places pretty quickly

Regarding mental health. I was told to be completely honest during initial assessment, so I was. I’ve been referred to a different team after another assessment the day after the first one because it’s apparently too specialist for the original team to deal with. Not sure where I go from here but I’ve been trying to keep a level head lately with difficulty so they became concerned that I might basically do something I may regret. Not gonna lie, where my head is at right now it’s been a very tempting venture. But I think that’s why I’m getting dealt with so fast, the other people that were called originally didn’t seem to realise how severe things had gotten, thankfully this team have done. I’m just hoping this pays off because after it becoming a daily occurrence to inflict violent pain on myself and others in my head I’m at a lost point where I’m not sure how much longer it will stay in my head, at least not when inflicted on myself anyway.

I’m not eating or sleeping. I have zero energy for any of the things I want to do. Enough is enough now, 15 years is far past time to deal with this crap.


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