On a Written Roll.

Short story so far is 4 pages long. Okay so not a lot but I’ve actually been on a roll with writing for once.
I went out and bought a book of writing prompts for more ideas too which should be fun to work through, but I’m really enjoying writing this story. I honestly only have a vague idea of where it will go because I’m just free writing, but it’s getting off the ground slowly but surely and I’m pretty happy about the fact that I’m writing frequently.

I also ended up buying Japanese for Dummies. It’s a language I’ve always wanted to learn and being that I’ve basically been listening to nothing but X Japan lately, it seemed a good enough reason to get learning [I can understand the songs they sing in Japanese then.] Whether I’ll actually manage to learn the language well is another story but we’ll see.

Getting a story finished and learning a new language… Bring on the new challenges!


Getting stumped may not always be a bad thing.

I became stumped on the first thing I began to write with a co-writer, who at the moment is also stumped. Maybe it’s because we’re both rusty, maybe it’s just not good. It will stay on the back burner for now but it doesn’t mean that I’m defeated.

A while ago I posted a writing exercise titled The Waitress which I never finished because it was on a timer. I decided to pick that up again and just write to see what happened with it and I’m now 3 pages into a short story idea. I’m not entirely sure where this is going or what I’m really doing but it feels good to actually be writing something. I won’t be keeping The Waitress as a title but for now, it will do. I just need to decide where to go with it. I’m hoping I can go back to the other story when my brain allows but for now my brain wanted me to work on the tale of the waitress, so that’s what I’m doing. Will it be good? Possibly not, I haven’t written for over a decade. Will I finish it? I’m really hoping so, it would be good to have even just one finished piece of work to my name. They say the best way to write is to keep writing so that’s what I’m going to do.

Who knows, maybe this story will actually get somewhere.

Time to write1

I do believe I started to write!

I don’t think this is going to be the novel, but at least it’s something to get me started. I wrote down a plot basis [hilariously from creating a Sims family and letting them run on random] and then last night after finding a first sentence prompt [hey I need all the help I can get to start ;)] just picked up a pen and started to write. I’m actually teaming with my friend who I used to write with all the time on this one, old schooling it like we used to. What we used to do, either in the library at breaks, boring classes where the teachers couldn’t teach [we had a few of those] or at home during sleep overs, was one of us would begin to write until we were stuck, then we’d swap stories and continue each others, so we wrote two stories at once. Never finished any of them mind but hey ho, we had fun!
So I emailed the story to her and she’s going to add her take to it, then pass it back to me when she’s out of ideas. It could be a tedious process I know, but I loved writing with her in the past and if it’s just a fun little short story or novella to get me going, why not?

Writing urge combined with writing funk.

I still really want to write a book. Or a short story, anything. I had an idea but then given what’s going on in my town lately as I mentioned, it seems really inappropriate [a young girl has gone missing]. So I’m basically stuck with a plot and need to think of something. I may take up the writing exercises for songwriting, take one of the ones I’ve written and free write from there.
I don’t know. I’m in a funk. Maybe I’ll put a Sims family on random and write down what they do lol.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Been having a lot of CP cramps in my ankle so it twists outwards and hurts like hell and managed to get the same in my hand too. It usually affects my right side but it decided to attack my left side and I’ve gotta say it made eating a pain in the ass. I couldn’t hold the spoon in my left hand like I usually do because it cramped every time I tried, so I’ve had to try eating with my right hand. Because the cerebral palsy affects my right side the most and the muscles are weak, this was the biggest challenge of my day. I maybe shouldn’t have found it funny being that I kept dropping the damn spoon and it took forever to pick it up again but it was pretty funny. Annoying, but funny. Gotta see the lighter side!


I have a lot of challenges to keep up to!

I brought my challenges book with me in the hope of peacefully writing. Found that being back in the same place where depression/anorexia started, issues raised their ugly head and just switched off my motivation. This clearly isn’t the place to launch my creativity.

I started to get past that funk then my husband and I ended up getting some crappy virus that we’re still not 100% over so that’s thwarted my writing too! You know when fate sometimes tries to tell you ‘this ain’t the time to do this?’ Yeah….

Should be going home tomorrow though, we’ve been here for 2 weeks now and mental health issues [they weren’t so bad, I just lose any motivation to do anything when I’m here because the atmosphere just sets me back] and virus aside, it was actually an alright and relaxed time. But I miss our bed. And our cat. Be lovely to be home. Nice break away, now I need London again.


9 hours, kill it with fire.

Came to my mothers for a while as of yesterday. The motorway traffic was obscene, a 3hr journey took us 6 HOURS! 6! Euuuuuugh! So glad we were in a car for food and pee pit stops but, never again. Pure evil.

It’s kinda quiet in here at the moment which is nice and relaxing but I’m super exhausted. I haven’t done the writing challenges for around 3 days which is really bad but I’ve just been so busy what with seeing my Dutch friends, getting ready to come here, then actually coming here. I’m hoping to catch up soon, but I’m pretty tired.

However, dare I say it but there is a strong possibility that I’m going to post what I wrote as a writing challenge. First of all, let me explain this whole thing. I want to start writing my own songs as I’ve mentioned, but I’ve never really written lyrics before. So I bought a book written by Berklee College of Music tutor Pat Patterson. He gives you a list of daily writing challenges to get you into the flow of writing, which eventually lead to how to structure the writing into song form. So far I have done the ‘What’ and ‘Who’ writing. You do 3 challenges a day, 5 minutes, 10 minutes then 90 seconds. You have to write whatever comes to your pen in that time and as soon as the timer stops, so do you. Regardless of whether you have finished your piece, sentence, or even your word, timer stops, you stop. 

In doing these challenges I actually went through an entire ink cartridge which is something I haven’t done in a really long time, so I was pretty happy.

This piece of writing [my nerves are rattling crazily here!] was the 10 minute ‘Who’ challenge titled ‘Waitress clearing a table.’ This is where my brain went… Be gentle! 😉

“Waitress Clearing a Table”

Sighing as she cleared the mess at the end of the day, Emily Taylor drifted into a daydream. As she cleared plates half filled with cold food, she drifted away to New York. The bright lights of the city glittered on her pale blonde hair, lighting up her eyes as she walked to her car. The rough rag she used to clear the tables turned to soft leather seating in her honey soft hands.

The hustle and bustle of the city filled her ears as she drove to her high class apartment. She could here them calling her name, “Emily, Emily, Emily!” over and over.

She was rudely snapped back to reality, a colleagues voice at her side. 

“Emily! Stop daydreaming! You have tables to clean.”

And just like that she was back. Back in the dingy, dark diner, cloth in hand scrubbing until the tables shone.

One day, one day she would get away from these manky old tables with their miserable inhabitants, one day she would see…

And then my timer went off… I would have added New York to end that off but, eh, timer.

Yeah…. Personally I think that was terrible but it was done in 10 minutes and it’s probably been the best one so far. Bravest step yet… *runs and hides behind wordpress sofa*

I do rather like car boot sales.

Went to a car boot sale today and managed to get a purple acoustic for 25 quid. It’s brand new and bright purple so I’m probably gonna feel mean for doing it but I figured for my bass and the other project, I needed a bit of paint practice on something cheap. It’s a classical guitar with nylon strings which I can’t stand so it’s not like I’m gonna play it anyway, but it will be practice number one for these projects.

Came home, got sandwiches and watched a Studio Ghibli movie cause they’re awesome. Not a whole lot to report on today to be honest, it’s been a nice, simple kinda day.

I do like simple sometimes.

Books, breakfasts and writing challenges.

I actually got up at 9.30am today so I’m not as stressed as I was yesterday. I guess I really just needed the rest yesterday cause I was bright as a button this morning. Got up, had a nice, hot cup of salted caramel green tea and just relaxed for a few hours before heading to the shop for food. Vanilla & honey french toast is amazing by the way [oh yeah, I even got creative with lunch!]

I caught up with all my writing challenges yesterday so I’m not behind finally. Getting the chance and peace to do them can be a little difficult when you can’t get out the house. Ready to do the 3rd day challenge.

The minute long challenges are ridiculously hard and I find myself with half a word at the end of the page [the aim is to write only until the timer stops, so even if you get halfway through a word or sentence, you can’t finish it.] Those ones really do test you but that’s his aim, he needs to throw a challenge at you. Gonna get day 3 done after this post, then look up budgeting for this project to see what it’s generally going to cost.

I bought Patrick McGrath’s Asylum on eBay because it’s meant to be a pretty good book and it really caught my eye. Spent about a fiver on it, to get it through the post today and discover it had actually been signed by Patrick McGrath…. Damn, that’s pretty cool. Really looking forward to reading that.

All in all I’m feeling pretty chipper today! Still feel a little sleepy but eh, chronic fatigue and all that, but I feel pretty alert and bright today which is awesome.

Onto some writing challenges!

Curse you sleep and hurrah for project planning.

I woke up at 12pm today. This beyond irritates me. I hate sleeping in cause I had plans with these writing challenges today, get up at around 10am and go do some writing challenges. Unfortunately my body did what it needed and forced me into extra sleep, My brain was active, ‘let’s do everything, let’s do this! Let’s go!’ But my body went, ‘ha! No. You’re going to sleep is what you’re going to do.’ So I slept in rather irritatingly.

Never mind, what ya gonna do? 

I’ve been trying to plan this project but I can’t think straight. This house is so noisy lol. Might have to go out again, which will be extremely tiring but I’ll go in the garden and be followed. I need peace and quiet but I need to budget plan. It’s gonna cost a couple of hundred to do so I’ve gotta do it in stages. I really wanted to do a marble effect but it looked really difficult to do so I figured, normal paint job then.

I googled how to do the marble effect hover and believe it or not, it’s pretty simple.  Spray the guitar black, leave it to dry then add the colour and immediately apply cling film. Scrunch the cling film up to make the marbling pattern, peel it off and leave it to dry. Really simple. Lets see what happens. Gotta get the bits and pieces.

Bass winning and friend cheer up project.

I managed to get the bass before it was sold. I am now the proud owner [can’t wait til it gets here!] of a 1995 Ibanez EXB 404. It’s been sanded down so my plan is to try and get it to a metallic purple and black sunburst effect.

I casually decided to ask my friend what her favourite kind of guitar is shape wise, a Les Paul. So I’ve hunted on ebay for a build your own guitar kit, LP style and when I have the cash will be buying it. Just under 100 pounds so it’s pretty well priced although I would imagine the pickups would be kinda crap so I’m going to get some decent pickups in the process of this project, and try to get some cool volume and control knobs for it. This is going to give me months worth of things to do and practice for painting my own, which I will play as it is until I’ve perfected painting.

Really really psyched for this project!