Date nights, movies and the girl with cherry cigars

We finally had our date night! Yay! We didn’t go to the cinema in the end cause we’re both exhausted after the hospital madness and it usually takes me a good few days to recover when I’ve been out and busy for a few days. So we got the video games out, then watched Defiance whilst eating takeaway Wagamama’s.

I’ve never actually seen Defiance until now but he wanted to watch it because it’s one of his favourite movies and he hadn’t seen it in 11 years. Gotta say, I really enjoyed it. It was stereotypically  80’s cheesy in some ways but it was really fun at the same time. You can kinda see where Michael Jackson got some of the ideas for the Beat It video from watching it.

Before we got ready for date night and we were just chilling with tea, he came into the bedroom really randomly while the tea brewed, randomly suggesting that I should write a song about a girl who smokes cherry cigars. It was pretty random but I wrote it down in case it sparks anything, be it story, poetry or songwriting. Made me smile though because he was thinking about me while doing something as simple as brewing tea. He knows I want to start songwriting and he also knows that when I was younger I used to occasionally smoke cherry cigars. I love little things like that that he does, makes me smile.

I’ve really enjoyed today actually. I need to get back into my creative groove again mind, but then I’m exhausted so creativity isn’t exactly flow forward when I’m muggy. All in all though today has been awesome.