Iron woes, catch-22 dilemma.

I was tested for low iron levels again because I’ve been feeling really lethargic for a while and my iron levels never seem to quite stay up because my old dear friend anorexia has been poking it’s nose in where it’s not massively welcome of late and I haven’t exactly been eating a normal amount of food. I know, I know, really bad but ED’s are hard to conquer and hey, at least I’m trying right?

I’ve been put on iron pills because my iron level is 3 apparently which is obscenely low I’m assuming (I don’t know much about this stuff but she used the phrase ‘it’s at the bottom of your boots’ so I’m assuming that’s pretty low) but she recommended taking these with orange juice because vitamin C helps the iron pills along. Problem? I have no orange juice or orange anything. I have barely any food left in my house so I *need* to go shopping….. I’m completely exhausted and have no energy to get out and get to the shops to get said food because, yup you guessed it, my iron levels are low so I’m lethargic as hell. *face-palm*

I will drag myself out some point soon because I do need to take this iron pill. But bleh. Someone wake me up please?


I don’t think I blog enough.

I do apologise! I’ve been soooooo busy! We’ve been in the middle of moving house so it’s insanely hectic here right now. There’s packing and painting and floor laying to be done, been buying couches and furniture and aaaah madness! Exciting madness don’t get me wrong but blogging has totally taken a back seat since December and probably will for a while.

I’m looking for an old notebook I have somewhere [or maybe I’ll just buy a new one, any excuse for new stationary haha] because a dear friend has gotten me thinking I want to old school it again and write down my thoughts on actual paper. I haven’t done that in a good ten years and maybe it will get my creativity flowing again because I haven’t had much of that in the writing department either. Besides when I’m at the house alone getting things sorted out and I have a relax time I can write down some thoughts without the aid of a laptop because TV and internet are our last priority there. We don’t even have a phone yet, they will be the last things with bother with cause lets face it, internet is a luxury and we live in the age of mobile phones so it’s not like I can’t be contacted by officials, they all have my mobile number anyway. So those can wait, as can a TV because neither of us watches TV much anyway so as long as we have a stereo set up, we’re good [could not do this without music, I’d go crazy!].

Anyway, hopefully you’ll see a few more posts from me but until the move is complete, don’t expect much!

New year, new start.

It’s been a while since I last posted but to be perfectly honest, blogging wasn’t a top priority. We finally got a new place so we’re still trying to sort out that craziness because we found out a couple of weeks before Christmas. Worst time to move ever. Still got loads to do that probably should have been done the moment we had the keys but on top of having to deal with that there was gift buying, getting ready for Christmas in general and all the other madness that goes with that time of year.

However, I figured as it’s a new year, it’s time for a fresh post for 2015. I’ve got a busy year ahead of me. I have literature coursework to catch up on [not gonna lie, literally not been touched, too much going on at once!], I’ve begun learning Japanese which is a challenge I again haven’t been able to get into properly because we’ve been so busy. So that’s gonna be a challenge to get into. Then I’ll be getting back into recording, relearning bass and some guitar, possibly getting piano lessons if time and cash permit. And that’s after we decorate the home, get some furniture, get settled in, get my other hospital appointments out of the way and get away for a break up north for a few days. Absolute insanity of the highest level has been going on over here these past 2 months, it’s nuts!

Either way, I’m kinda glad to see the back of 2014, it wasn’t spectacularly bad, but then it wasn’t spectacular either. Now we’re going into 2015 with a new home and a completely new start and frankly, I can’t wait.

Come at me 2015, I’m waiting!

I don’t usually like to post personal things here but….

I have one thing to say regarding recent events and if I don’t get it from my chest it will drive me crazy. Theoretically, I’m not revealing anything too personal, or what has made me need to write this down. All I will say is this.

You can take the strongest person in the universe and with enough weight on their shoulders, even their backs will break eventually.

On a Written Roll.

Short story so far is 4 pages long. Okay so not a lot but I’ve actually been on a roll with writing for once.
I went out and bought a book of writing prompts for more ideas too which should be fun to work through, but I’m really enjoying writing this story. I honestly only have a vague idea of where it will go because I’m just free writing, but it’s getting off the ground slowly but surely and I’m pretty happy about the fact that I’m writing frequently.

I also ended up buying Japanese for Dummies. It’s a language I’ve always wanted to learn and being that I’ve basically been listening to nothing but X Japan lately, it seemed a good enough reason to get learning [I can understand the songs they sing in Japanese then.] Whether I’ll actually manage to learn the language well is another story but we’ll see.

Getting a story finished and learning a new language… Bring on the new challenges!

Organisation and a huge step forward

I just spent the last 2 hours trying to organise my stationary seeing as we finally managed to put the Alex drawers up tonight. I am however writing this from a clear bedside table instead of my lap, so that’s awesome. I do however need a proper perfume stand of some sort because using a knackered old set of drawers is a little unsteady. Pics will hopefully be on here of the transformation tomorrow, lighting sucks right now.

On other notes, I made a pretty huge step forward today [ok so it’s midnight so technically yesterday but whatever]. It may not seem much to some but for me it really was huge. I actually had a singing lesson today. It was just warm up vocals for today but it basically meant me using my voice in front of a complete stranger, with the goal to get me out gigging again. This really doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but lets put it this way. I haven’t gigged in 9 years. It took me 5 years to sing for my own husband. I literally developed this anxiety with singing for people, a thing I used to adore, to the point I would have a panic attack at just the thought of it. This Saturday, I opened my mouth and sang to a total stranger. That tiny little thing, is absolutely huge to me.
Permission to be proud of myself?

Getting there, But I hate Ikea still.

We started to build up the drawers and have one chest done and filled with almost all of my makeup, just need to sort out the kit for other people stuff and my perfumes in the next set, which we discovered would fit next to it perfectly, still leaving room for the Alex small drawers next to my bed. Can’t be arsed doing that today though, our backs are in immense pain and we’re just too tired.


The cat felt the need to check it out with us and make sure we were doing it right which was pretty funny, now he’s freaking out because there’s something new in the room that he’s never seen so he’s all curious and wants to know what it is.


It’s actually looking better already compared to before. Tomorrow we’ll hopefully finish the whole thing off and be done with nice, neat space. Hurrah!


Yeah that’s right, you heard me! Eugh!!!! Went there, knew exactly what I wanted, found it, only to find the main thing I wanted had gone out of stock. Got the smaller version at least but then had to spend an hour walking around the crappy one way system to find a solution to the bigger problem. Ended up buying 2 small metal chests of drawers in the hope that they’ll somehow work for the makeup storage. On the upside, instead of the originally intended 140 pounds, I only spent 86. So yay bonus….

However if I ever have to walk around a child crowded, screaming mass of one way madness again, I’m going all Jackie Chan on people. Seriously. No.


*Side note – I actually love Ikea, it rocks, I just hate their damn stores.

WordPress brings great essay help, Cyber-Candy supply the study fuel!

This lovely lady – –  wrote a rather fabulous book titled First Class English Literature Essays – A Collection of Short Essays This lovely book came in my mail this morning and being that I’ve started studying English Lit, this is going to help me out a lot.


IMG_1141 On top of that help I have Japanese Melon Ramune and awesome chocolate for study fuel! Woohoo! Ok so it’s junk food fuel but eh, candy time. Still haven’t been to Ikea, the date keeps changing so I’m very tempted to have the stuff delivered. Which is a bit annoying because the delivery charge is a bit ridiculous.  We’ll see I suppose.

I’m a little stuck on the book plot because given whats going on in my town right now, it seems hugely inappropriate so I need to think of something else. I’m a little stumped for it so maybe I just need to change genre course all together…. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

First pampering in a long time.

I can’t actually remember the last time I spent that much time on just me. My lovely darling man decided to run me a bath. Aromatherapy oils, hot cup of tea, hair mask, face mask, body scrubs and moisturisers. I was in the bath for over an hour and I’m beyond wrinkled. It was amazing. When the bathtub up North was actually usable, I used to on odd occasions when it was quiet [aka: not very often] sit in the bath with a book, a hot drink and some candles and just chill. I honestly can’t remember the last time I got to spend just relaxing for hours, relaxing just for me.

I needed that so badly. I feel great! Thank you babe for deciding to run me a hot, relaxing bath. I love you 🙂

On other notes, I’ve read the notes for the first assignment for English Lit but the books I ordered haven’t arrived yet so I can’t actually start the question sheet because I haven’t read the tale yet. Hurry up mail man, deliver me Chaucer!!! Haha.

Enjoying Anna Karenina, although I’m 150 pages in and it barely feels like I’ve read anything. Aaah the joys of a huge book. Going to go get some drawers on Thursday or Friday and I’ve got to do some makeup assignments this week. Good times.

Happy positivity!