Getting stumped may not always be a bad thing.

I became stumped on the first thing I began to write with a co-writer, who at the moment is also stumped. Maybe it’s because we’re both rusty, maybe it’s just not good. It will stay on the back burner for now but it doesn’t mean that I’m defeated.

A while ago I posted a writing exercise titled The Waitress which I never finished because it was on a timer. I decided to pick that up again and just write to see what happened with it and I’m now 3 pages into a short story idea. I’m not entirely sure where this is going or what I’m really doing but it feels good to actually be writing something. I won’t be keeping The Waitress as a title but for now, it will do. I just need to decide where to go with it. I’m hoping I can go back to the other story when my brain allows but for now my brain wanted me to work on the tale of the waitress, so that’s what I’m doing. Will it be good? Possibly not, I haven’t written for over a decade. Will I finish it? I’m really hoping so, it would be good to have even just one finished piece of work to my name. They say the best way to write is to keep writing so that’s what I’m going to do.

Who knows, maybe this story will actually get somewhere.

Time to write1

I do believe I started to write!

I don’t think this is going to be the novel, but at least it’s something to get me started. I wrote down a plot basis [hilariously from creating a Sims family and letting them run on random] and then last night after finding a first sentence prompt [hey I need all the help I can get to start ;)] just picked up a pen and started to write. I’m actually teaming with my friend who I used to write with all the time on this one, old schooling it like we used to. What we used to do, either in the library at breaks, boring classes where the teachers couldn’t teach [we had a few of those] or at home during sleep overs, was one of us would begin to write until we were stuck, then we’d swap stories and continue each others, so we wrote two stories at once. Never finished any of them mind but hey ho, we had fun!
So I emailed the story to her and she’s going to add her take to it, then pass it back to me when she’s out of ideas. It could be a tedious process I know, but I loved writing with her in the past and if it’s just a fun little short story or novella to get me going, why not?