Apparently I last blogged 4 months ago. Wow.

Super bad at this blogging crap! I used to do it every day!

Moving in is pretty much over with the exception of actually putting the bed frame in [we have the mattress down but we can’t take the bed out of my mother in laws until she can get a new bed so she has somewhere to sleep.] We got a cat and she kicks ass, although she has just done the most foul smelling toilet business and I think I wanna throw up. Yuck! Life is going pretty good to be honest!

I’m a little apprehensive about tomorrow. I changed Drs because my husbands doctor is fantastic with mental health and is closer to the new place. As I’ve mentioned before I have a lot of issues going on that I need help with but developed a fear of getting help because of it which is a little odd but hey ho. Things with that kinda started getting out of hand to the point I started refusing to go outside because I was terrified of large crowds which isn’t a rut I want to start getting into. I’m terrible booking appointments because just the thought of it sets off panic attacks so I constantly put it off. So my husband thankfully booked one for me with the Dr who actually knows a little about the case already and specifically requested I see her because of it. Now I have the appointment tomorrow which is great because I have to go now, no more putting it off. But I’m pretty scared I won’t lie. There will be awkward silences and tears and over zealous apologising for said tears. But it’s a step further than before so lets just see shall we?

On other medical related notes, had to stay in hospital for 2 days for video telemetry. Don’t get the results till June. I’m not quite sure what will be noted there if anything. Most boring experience ever. Seriously the furthest I could go was the bathroom, yuck.

Fingers crossed that gets sorted soon!


My last post and today’s musings

I just realised some of the blogs I put on that post do have 1000 followers or more but I don’t think many I follow have less. However if anyone knows any cool blogs that suit my interests and has less, let me know, I’ll start following and promote!

I’m started to get frustrated with my writing, or rather lack of. There are ideas there, I know there are but they just don’t want to come out and say anything.
In all honesty, I have a lot of issues. I’m not saying more, but when they come to the forefront, they do blunt creativity which just makes the frustration worse because the better half of my brain wants this to work. It’s a vicious cycle and an irritating one at that.

On other news, [this is a super sporadic post!] I caved and came back to twitter. Mostly in the hope of finding new writers and inspirations. Facebook always had mega issues and did my head in so that’s not coming back ever. But for anyone interested, add away.

I’m hoping I can rack my brains at some given point today and write more. And try finish the Canterbury Tales question that doesn’t make any sense so I can complete this assignment. One question, and it’s a total turd.


WordPress brings great essay help, Cyber-Candy supply the study fuel!

This lovely lady – –  wrote a rather fabulous book titled First Class English Literature Essays – A Collection of Short Essays This lovely book came in my mail this morning and being that I’ve started studying English Lit, this is going to help me out a lot.


IMG_1141 On top of that help I have Japanese Melon Ramune and awesome chocolate for study fuel! Woohoo! Ok so it’s junk food fuel but eh, candy time. Still haven’t been to Ikea, the date keeps changing so I’m very tempted to have the stuff delivered. Which is a bit annoying because the delivery charge is a bit ridiculous.  We’ll see I suppose.

I’m a little stuck on the book plot because given whats going on in my town right now, it seems hugely inappropriate so I need to think of something else. I’m a little stumped for it so maybe I just need to change genre course all together…. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

Apologies for the lack of positivity again

Apparently when it comes to actual courses such as A levels, distance learning places can’t actually be arsed helping people out explaining it.  So, never mind.

Bass playing isn’t going well either so I’m getting put off that too. Yeah. Staring at a computer screen is basically how my time will be spent. Might get Facebook again in that case, at least then I’d have something to stare at.

Day 1 of my full on Social Network free adventures.

I went out today. It wasn’t my original plan because I was so tired but it was just so sunny and lovely I couldn’t stay indoors.

I headed off to Starbucks for breakfast and following the lovely LauGraEva’s advice to just write for me, I bought a lovely new notebook, fountain pen and some rather awesome coloured inks in varieties of pinks and blues [and to think I almost got your boring, average blue!].Breakfast on the green


I took my breakfast over to the green and sat underneath a tree, people watching and enjoying the sun. I actually used the first page of my notebook to write about people watching, in my awesome pen with the pink ink. It wasn’t really a poem. Or a song, I was literally just writing randomly about people watching. I figured, why not just write it down as it comes? Maybe it will inspire something greater later on. Whether it’s a song, a poem or a story, there’s always something. Maybe I can piece a few bits of writing like that together and create something from it.

Actually, this has just given me a great idea. So far I’ve written about people watching. What parts of your day, have inspired you, or even just link in with people watching? Maybe if I can bounce some ideas from you lovely people, I can come up with something and put my creative writing classes to use!

Giving blogging another go.

Hello, hi, hola, yo! I figured I’d give this blogging malarky another shot, get my thoughts and ideas down and all that and hey, maybe bounce some ideas around with others! I guess this first blog isn’t going to be much of one because I literally just created it and there isn’t much to say at 10 minutes past midnight. I just finished watching Empire Records for the first time. Little late to the party I know but I guess I just never thought to watch it. It’s an extremely odd film isn’t it? Yet strangely great. I think Debra and Mark had to be my favourite characters to be honest. Corey annoyed me a little. I don’t know, I never seem to like the straight A student types in movies, even if they do have issues. Gotta say though, I’d love to work in a place like that. The work atmosphere was just fun. Fun is pretty important in a job really. You’ll probably end up doing the most mundane things, so something to make the day go by more enjoyably is preferable, right? Yes, I genuinely have no idea where this post is going, or this blog for that matter, but isn’t that just part of the fun? Join in if you like!