Iron woes, catch-22 dilemma.

I was tested for low iron levels again because I’ve been feeling really lethargic for a while and my iron levels never seem to quite stay up because my old dear friend anorexia has been poking it’s nose in where it’s not massively welcome of late and I haven’t exactly been eating a normal amount of food. I know, I know, really bad but ED’s are hard to conquer and hey, at least I’m trying right?

I’ve been put on iron pills because my iron level is 3 apparently which is obscenely low I’m assuming (I don’t know much about this stuff but she used the phrase ‘it’s at the bottom of your boots’ so I’m assuming that’s pretty low) but she recommended taking these with orange juice because vitamin C helps the iron pills along. Problem? I have no orange juice or orange anything. I have barely any food left in my house so I *need* to go shopping….. I’m completely exhausted and have no energy to get out and get to the shops to get said food because, yup you guessed it, my iron levels are low so I’m lethargic as hell. *face-palm*

I will drag myself out some point soon because I do need to take this iron pill. But bleh. Someone wake me up please?