I stopped writing, may start for fun.

As per usual I’m having semi creative block issues but I’m reading Ian Rankin’s Dead Souls at the minute and it’s just reignited my urge to write a crime novel. I have a vague idea that’s actually floated around my head for a few months regarding the antagonist but I’m just stuck on how to get it started in general. If I can get the general idea down as a set off I can possibly start free flow writing and see what comes out of my hands. I generally work better when I’ve got an idea in my head and just write and think about dealing with consequences later.

Hmmm, must try to get out of the funk.


Roll on Wednesday!

Or Thursday, whatever day around then we’re headed to the dreaded Ikea for the Alex drawers. I still haven’t sorted the desk problem, but fingers crossed we will soon find a solution to this, even if it means buying 2 small cabinets, placing them the width apart of the current table I have now and slapping some wood from B&Q on top in some sort of mini desk fashion.

I have a few more male characters, and to be honest I think enough characters in the book now to start drawing up the plot in a less vague fashion so I’m actually really looking forward to getting some sort of work space because then I can get cracking on this. 

I began to crack on with translating Chaucer for literature [seriously that’s the first request for the first assignment, “give a description of these 3 characters using your own words.” – Aka: Translate these words to modern day English cause they don’t make sense anymore. Unfortunately I didn’t get very far before being hit with a health issue that was completely throwing me off and distracting me. So that was a pain in the ass. But at least I finished the description I’d set a goal in my diary to finish for that night, so I didn’t fail my task. Now I just need to pick another day this week to do more, and ask the hubby to maybe sit with me and chat what days are best so we don’t distract each other from work, a day when I go out to work so he can do the work he needs to do at home, then vice versa.

I won’t lie, I’d get a good laugh if we spent all this time fashioning a mini desk for the bedroom, and the housing suddenly called up and said something like, you were the number 1 bidder on this house, do you want it? ” Cause then we wouldn’t have needed to make the makeshift desk cause we’d have a home with room to put it in lol.

Generally speaking, I feel okay today. I’m still feeling a bit bleh and exhausted after last nights health shenanigans but I feel considerably better than I did a few hours ago. Hopefully it will ease off soon.


The Sims 3, Tomb Raider 2 and book plots.

So, my author sim hired a butler because she sucks at cooking and doesn’t have the time to learn when people are demanding she write dramatic novels. She moved to a bigger home in order to accommodate him with his own room and everything. 

After a long, hard day slaving over her latest masterpiece, she went to bed. The butler proceeded to sit at the chair at the side of her bed and stare at her. He just sat there for hours and watched her sleep.

This reminded me a little of the butler in the Tomb Raider 2 PC game. Remember that guy? You’d tour Lara’s home and he’d follow you everywhere, shaking his tea tray and making really sexual moaning noises. The only way not to bump into his weird, stalker habits was to lock him in the freezer, and even then you still heard his creepy moans of pleasure. Being that the butler in the Sims 3 has chosen to watch his boss sleep, I’m starting to wonder if he’s Mr Tomb Raider’s long lost grandson. Weird.

On other notes, my book has a brief plot, and 3 main characters. I feel like I need more males but I’m bad at thinking of names. I have one male named Jonathan and he will be a centre character in some way. It’s probably every cliche you’ve heard in a book ever, but I’m going to write it anyway, why? Because I want to. Lets see where this goes shall we?

This of course means I have an English Literature course to complete as well as writing a book. It’s very tempting to take their novel writing course also, maybe after literature. Who knows? But yay I have things to do!


Turns out, teaming with your love helps a lot.

He helped me rack my brains and got his friend involved who happens to work for a huge stationary warehouse.

There’s a desk in the kitchen, cluttered with makeup from my course that nobody really uses, other than the cat for occasionally sleeping on. We’re going to get rid of this and replace it with 2 slim bookcases. The books will go in there, I can pop in if I need them. There’s enough room for the Ikea Alex 9 drawer system in the corner which will fit all of my makeup, including the stuff in the kitchen from my course.

Then said friend is on a mission to find a desk with storage that will be the same size and height as the table I have currently, if he can’t find one already built, he works with a company who builds them to custom size. So I can have a little desk/bedside table to work at and I just need to pop into the kitchen to grab the book I need at the time.

Perfect! Now maybe I can get to work on my literature course and writing a book!

The sudden urge to write a book

I have it. I was playing the Sims Monte Vista out of boredom [my husband had been watching a review on the new Sims 4, it got my gaming urge out again] and created a woman who was an aspiring novelist with a cat. It just gave me the urge to write a book.

It’s not the first time I’ve tried. I started writing a novel when I was around 14 years old about a young girl in a home filled with domestic violence. Unfortunately, I have no idea where the printed pages have buggered off to and the floppy disks [also AWOL anyway] don’t work in todays updated computers anymore. My friend and I always used to write stories that never got finished in the library during lunch breaks too. Or you know, during boring classes but, shhhh! 

The problem I’m having now with this sudden and random urge is what to write about. Hmm what to do?

Books, breakfasts and writing challenges.

I actually got up at 9.30am today so I’m not as stressed as I was yesterday. I guess I really just needed the rest yesterday cause I was bright as a button this morning. Got up, had a nice, hot cup of salted caramel green tea and just relaxed for a few hours before heading to the shop for food. Vanilla & honey french toast is amazing by the way [oh yeah, I even got creative with lunch!]

I caught up with all my writing challenges yesterday so I’m not behind finally. Getting the chance and peace to do them can be a little difficult when you can’t get out the house. Ready to do the 3rd day challenge.

The minute long challenges are ridiculously hard and I find myself with half a word at the end of the page [the aim is to write only until the timer stops, so even if you get halfway through a word or sentence, you can’t finish it.] Those ones really do test you but that’s his aim, he needs to throw a challenge at you. Gonna get day 3 done after this post, then look up budgeting for this project to see what it’s generally going to cost.

I bought Patrick McGrath’s Asylum on eBay because it’s meant to be a pretty good book and it really caught my eye. Spent about a fiver on it, to get it through the post today and discover it had actually been signed by Patrick McGrath…. Damn, that’s pretty cool. Really looking forward to reading that.

All in all I’m feeling pretty chipper today! Still feel a little sleepy but eh, chronic fatigue and all that, but I feel pretty alert and bright today which is awesome.

Onto some writing challenges!