Proving people wrong in a happy way.

My family had this obsession when I first started seeing my boyfriend at that time that we wouldn’t last, not your typical concerned family ‘you’re too good for him’ attitude, but the exact opposite. He was too good for me. I have disabilities so by my families standards, I can’t get anyone good enough… Yup, that really is my family’s attitude towards disabilities. Sad.

But this is a happy post. Why? Because in 1 week it’s our anniversary. Again. And a few weeks after that it’s our wedding anniversary. Again. We’re still as happy as we always were, much to my family’s dismay.

5 years of relationship and 3 years of marriage, I think I’ve proven them wrong by this point.

I love you kitty, best husband ever!


Tiredness and seeing friends.

Super tired but again, worth it. Whenever my oldest friend from school comes to London she always makes time to see me. She lives an hour or so away from my mothers but when I’m here I don’t usually get the chance to see her because she’s either working, or I have to be back for an appointment. She had a day off yesterday and I didn’t have to be back for an appointment so that was me straight on a train.

We mooched around shops, DVDs were purchased [and the most awesome pair of Motorhead headphones]and coffee and a good natter was had. It was a really simple day but a helluva lot of fun so I really enjoyed myself and it was awesome to see her cause it had been months.

Of course this has worn me out as usual but whatever, if I chose not to do things for fear of them wearing me out, I’d never leave the house.

I still haven’t caught up with writing challenges because I’ve been so busy or tired but I WILL get some done if it kills me. I need to progress and I haven’t lost the urge which is good,

Met up with another friend who we hadn’t seen in almost a year too which was really nice. He moved away hence the not seeing him but he came over when he found out we were there just to see us. Really made me smile. 

My nephew had his 2nd birthday party the day before his birthday because his parents were taking him out for the day on his actual birthday so that was really fun too. Bless him, he fell off his slide steps backwards and I was terrified he’d really hurt himself and there were going to be tears and bruises… Nah, he just burst out laughing and got back on again. Clearly not injured, all is good.

I think one of my favourite parts of the day was the inappropriate wind however. My sister was wearing a 50’s style dress which seemed to catch the wind very easily. It happened to catch the wind as she was standing next to my husband [who was sat down] and land itself firmly over my husbands head….. Safe to say he’s seen waaaay more of his sister in law than he ever intended. Luckily I was there to see this hilarity, I’m not sure walking in midway through to see my husbands head up my sisters skirt would have gone down well… Oops!