New year, new start.

It’s been a while since I last posted but to be perfectly honest, blogging wasn’t a top priority. We finally got a new place so we’re still trying to sort out that craziness because we found out a couple of weeks before Christmas. Worst time to move ever. Still got loads to do that probably should have been done the moment we had the keys but on top of having to deal with that there was gift buying, getting ready for Christmas in general and all the other madness that goes with that time of year.

However, I figured as it’s a new year, it’s time for a fresh post for 2015. I’ve got a busy year ahead of me. I have literature coursework to catch up on [not gonna lie, literally not been touched, too much going on at once!], I’ve begun learning Japanese which is a challenge I again haven’t been able to get into properly because we’ve been so busy. So that’s gonna be a challenge to get into. Then I’ll be getting back into recording, relearning bass and some guitar, possibly getting piano lessons if time and cash permit. And that’s after we decorate the home, get some furniture, get settled in, get my other hospital appointments out of the way and get away for a break up north for a few days. Absolute insanity of the highest level has been going on over here these past 2 months, it’s nuts!

Either way, I’m kinda glad to see the back of 2014, it wasn’t spectacularly bad, but then it wasn’t spectacular either. Now we’re going into 2015 with a new home and a completely new start and frankly, I can’t wait.

Come at me 2015, I’m waiting!


Hospital appointment result confusion.

So I had to get several test results today, great to get them all finally. Unfortunately, the visits of a woman with health issues are not done! I have 3 more appointments to come, 1 in Feb and the other 2 haven’t been arranged yet.

Basically the CT scan just showed scarring on my brain near my shunts because well, I had a brain bleed, it was the cause of my hydrocephalus in the first place so that’s nothing new. Pretty sure that’s basically been on every CT scan I’ve had in my entire life.

The memory tests I had actually went okay but there were a few areas I was iffy on, but it made sense to him baring in mind what I’d told him just before I did the test. So basically my memory when it comes to having something said to me then trying to remember it straight away is poo. But visually it works well, so for example, if you wanted to meet me at a certain street for example, you’d have to say, meet me at such and such a landmark, like a big church with a red door or whatever, rather than saying ‘meet me on York Street’ cause I won’t remember York Street. Fair dos. But it also came down to as I touched on in a previous post, a darker period in life that has actually caused a lot of depression and anxiety issues for years that were never really dealt with because the counsellors where I lived were total shit. He doesn’t think that helps both with memory and my confidence issues so I’m being sent to a counsellor who will hopefully be considerably more useful than the other assholes I’ve had in the past. So *that* part was interesting. As far as work and college go, because of my concentration issues and chronic fatigue, he actually suggested if I can eventually get into employment, to try something like freelance writing that I can do from home so should I need to sleep at any point I can. It was of course advised as irritating as it will be, not to ignore the urge to sleep, regardless of the time of day.

Then there was the other part. As I mentioned in my last post regarding Maleficent flashing [we’re both exhausted, we were at the hospital for 6hrs so date night is at home tonight!] I have epilepsy we *think*. 

This is where another test came in because it’s evident that I do have what my Dr refers to as absences, where basically you can be talking to me and I’ll just be staring into space not hearing, seeing or registering anything around me. Several people have witnessed this over the years, Drs included, and I have had violent grande-mal seizures in the past. But the EEG done earlier this year has basically come back not showing signs of electrical epilepsy. So he wants to do the same sort of test without the strobes over a period of 2 days so that he can see if anything during that 2 days triggers any brain changes. There were changes in activity to the brain slightly on the EEG, but not strongly enough to cause seizures so he wants to do it over a period of days in case the EEG missed anything.

This is where confusion sets in. He’s reluctant to put me on epilepsy medication even though it still may help, because I struggle with memory and cognitive issues and apparently the meds they put you on can interfere with that even if you don’t have issues so it can make things 10x worse in that respect. If the next test shows enough he will but he wants to avoid it if he can. But this is where it gets confusing because I have these ‘episodes’ every single day. It’s usually my husband or mother in law that takes note of them because I don’t even realise it’s happening but it happens at least twice a day. In short, the part confusing my Dr is that I don’t appear to have epilepsy. But I appear to have epilepsy…. What?

So I’m basically booked up to next year [literally] with appointments but at least this place are dealing with it instead of the last hospitals approach of just ignoring it cause they couldn’t be arsed with tests.

Yay things are getting sorted, and yay if I get a head Dr that isn’t an unqualified knob cheese it may well help my confidence issues and there’s hope for me songwriting and getting back on that stage yet! YAY!