Proving people wrong in a happy way.

My family had this obsession when I first started seeing my boyfriend at that time that we wouldn’t last, not your typical concerned family ‘you’re too good for him’ attitude, but the exact opposite. He was too good for me. I have disabilities so by my families standards, I can’t get anyone good enough… Yup, that really is my family’s attitude towards disabilities. Sad.

But this is a happy post. Why? Because in 1 week it’s our anniversary. Again. And a few weeks after that it’s our wedding anniversary. Again. We’re still as happy as we always were, much to my family’s dismay.

5 years of relationship and 3 years of marriage, I think I’ve proven them wrong by this point.

I love you kitty, best husband ever!


First pampering in a long time.

I can’t actually remember the last time I spent that much time on just me. My lovely darling man decided to run me a bath. Aromatherapy oils, hot cup of tea, hair mask, face mask, body scrubs and moisturisers. I was in the bath for over an hour and I’m beyond wrinkled. It was amazing. When the bathtub up North was actually usable, I used to on odd occasions when it was quiet [aka: not very often] sit in the bath with a book, a hot drink and some candles and just chill. I honestly can’t remember the last time I got to spend just relaxing for hours, relaxing just for me.

I needed that so badly. I feel great! Thank you babe for deciding to run me a hot, relaxing bath. I love you 🙂

On other notes, I’ve read the notes for the first assignment for English Lit but the books I ordered haven’t arrived yet so I can’t actually start the question sheet because I haven’t read the tale yet. Hurry up mail man, deliver me Chaucer!!! Haha.

Enjoying Anna Karenina, although I’m 150 pages in and it barely feels like I’ve read anything. Aaah the joys of a huge book. Going to go get some drawers on Thursday or Friday and I’ve got to do some makeup assignments this week. Good times.

Happy positivity!


What a day!

We decided as my mother in law had gone out for the whole day to make the most of it. So we went to the local butcher and got some proper ribeye steak, nice and fresh and cost 12 quid… Totally worth the money. Popped next door to the pub for a quick drink just because, why not?

Came home and had a cup of tea and my lovely darling husband decided he was going to run me a lovely hot bath. So I got to have a nice relax courtesy of my sweetie. Cuddle with the cat and I then cooked our steak with onions, red wine, veggies and home made cheese sauce and we sat and had a candle lit dinner whilst watching One Foot in the Grave cause, Victor Meldrew lol.

He’s now gone out for a meeting with a guy he works with both on scripts and music and I’m just relaxing with the cat waiting for my mother in law to get back home from dinner with my nan in law. I feel all full in a nice, warm, satisfied way.

I like today, today was awesome.